With the AZ State Public School Tax credit, it can cost you NOTHING to give HUNDREDS of dollars to Desert Marigold School — up to $200 each year for an individual and $400 for a couple!

This is free money for our school!

Your tax dollars go directly to our extracurricular and character education programs.

This is a tax credit, not a deduction, so the full amount is subtracted from what you owe in Arizona income tax. You receive a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the amount you pay in taxes to the state for the amount of your donation. You can make a donation as late as April 15th and claim it against the previous year’s taxes.*

Everyone can participate! As long as you have Arizona income tax liability, you can make an Arizona Tax Credit Contribution to DMS. If you have already given, find friends and relatives and have them give to DMS! We ask every family to donate their Tax Credit to DMS and invite their extended network to do the same.

*Be sure to consult your tax adviser to determine exactly how the tax credit will impact you personally.

Valley of the Sun Waldorf Education Association – Desert Marigold School – District Number 078964101

EXAMPLE: If you are Married filing Jointly and you owe $1,000 in state taxes, you can redirect $400 to Desert Marigold School by claiming the Public School Tax Credit Maximum and redirect the balance of $600 to Arizona Waldorf Scholarship Foundation as a Private School Tax Credit. All your tax dollars are redirected to Waldorf Education!!

  1. Redirect your Public School Tax Credit to Desert Marigold School (complete payment form below)
  2. If you owe any amount over $200/$400, redirect the overflow amount to Arizona Waldorf Scholarship Foundation go to AzWaldorfScholarships.org *Note “DMS” on the How did you hear about us question to ensure that 10% comes back to the DMS Annual Fund*
  3. File your taxes by Apr 15 and note the credits you have given to your favorite Waldorf organizations.

Redirect your AZ State Taxes TODAY!

Basic Tax Credit
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Tax Credit FAQ

The Arizona Public School Tax Credit is a unique program that allows individuals to claim a dollar-for-dollar credit on their state taxes for making donations to a public school in support of certain approved functions, as defined by the state. The credit is equal to the amount of the donation, not to exceed $400 for married couples filing jointly or $200 for individuals.

Tax credit donations are used only to support:

– Extracurricular activities
– Character education programs.
– Standardized testing fees for college credit or readiness
offered by a widely recognized and accepted educational
testing organization.
– Preparation courses and materials for standardized
– The career and technical education industry certification
– Capital Items as defined by the state:
   2. Furniture, furnishings, athletic equipment and other equipment, including computer software.
   3. Pupil and nonpupil transportation vehicles and equipment, including all capital expenditures
within a contract if the school district contracts for pupil transportation.
   4. Textbooks and related printed subject matter materials adopted by the governing board.
   5. Instructional aids.
   6. Library books.
   7. Payment of principal and interest on bonds.
   8. School district administration emergency needs that are directly related to pupils.

Arizona taxpayers can contribute regardless of whether they have children in school or live in the district in which the receiving school is located. Donations from businesses are always welcome, but do not qualify for the tax credit.

  1. Make your Tax Credit donation to Desert Marigold School (DMS)
  2. DMS will issue you a receipt for the donation. Keep this receipt.
  3. You use that receipt to deduct the full amount of the donation as a credit on your state tax return. (please refer to your tax professional for ore specific instructions, tailored to your situation)

Your state refund will be increased by the dollar-for-dollar amount of your Tax Credit donation as long as your donation does not exceed your tax liability. For example, your tax liability is $900 (the amount you owe the state after you have taken all of your deductions). $1,200 was withheld in state taxes and you are now due a refund of $300. If you donated $400 to DMS, you would immediately increase your expected refund to $700. (see restrictions below)

Yes! As long as you have a tax liability of more than the amount of the credits you can take full advantage of other tax credits offered by the state of Arizona (ex. Private school, working poor, foster care).

Yes! A Tax Credit donation to Desert Marigold is a charitable contribution. If you itemize, you can also include this donation as a deduction on your federal taxes.

Yes. You could have a state tax liability of less than the amount you donated if you have a very low taxable income (if, for example, you are a retiree). Also, if you claim a number of state tax credits you might end up going beyond your tax liability. If in doubt, check with a tax professional.

Yes. You must make the donation prior to filing your taxes. Donations made between January 1st and April 15th can be used for the tax year in which the donation was made or for the previous tax year. Donations made between April 16th and December 31st may only be used in the tax year in which the donation was made. Deductions for charitable contributions must be claimed on your federal taxes in the calendar year that they were donated.

*The information above should be used only as a guideline and is not intended to substitute for professional tax advice.*

If the purpose of your donation is rendered obsolete the monies will be reassigned as an unrestricted tax credit donation.
Tax ID #: 86-0769535 | CTDS #: 07-89-64-101